The Brian Sandoval Deception. A trailer for the CSI: Carson City series of youtube videos exposing fraud and corruption rampant in Nevada government under Brian Sandoval regime. Inspired by Alex Jones’ Obama Deception, the Brian Sandoval Deception shows the 2010 elected Republican Governor of Nevada as speaking one thing and completely doing the opposite. Nevada was rank one of the most corrupt States in the Union under the Sandoval administration. Scandals include bribery, failure to audit Nevada’s booming gold mines, embezzlement, taxpayer funded vendettas against whistle-blowers, judicial corruption, sex, money, guns and politics collide in this no-holds-barred expose into the criminal underbelly of Nevada politics.

Nevada’s Culture-of-Corruption must END not THRIVE. “Sometimes Brian Sandoval needs to hear what he needs to hear, not want he want’s to hear or not hear” – Anon
News & Politics
Brian Sandoval vice president Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval corruption Catherine Cortez Masto approval rating Brian Edward Sandoval Kathleen Sandoval Dino DiCianno Nevada attorney general Mitt Romney Barack Hussein Obama Taxation

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